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Is there a super market?

There is no supermarket but you can buy food in the basement

Can you eat a sushi basket in Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya?

It is possible to eat, but it is possible to have a procession before the opening of the store on holidays and be prepared for 2 hours Since the lunch box sold in the basement is also baked at the store, when there is no time to buy there

It is installed. A clerk is checking on the monitor, and customers just pass through the aisle. At the entrance, there is a guide board requesting you to wear a mask and alcohol disinfectant.

I went without a mask once and was denied entry.

Can I check my body temperature with a thermo camera when I enter the store?

At the entrance from the underground parking lot, there was thermograhy and alcohol disinfectant.

Is a temperature measuring device installed at the store entrance?


is it available for parking here???

We can park, but think that underground parking lot next to is good.

How many layers of eel rice do you eat?


From what time can you put Atsuta Horai eaves in the first round?

When I went on a holiday, it started to line up around 10:30

What is Wacoal's phone number?

Mr. Wacoal in Matsuzakaya Nagoya store ...? Why do not you call Matsuzakaya and ask them.

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